About Group Therapy
Group Therapy is a US-based Horde guild on Blackrock, a high pop, horde dominated LA data center. The core team and leadership have 6-10 years of successful progression raiding and guild management which has always resulted in top 10 server rankings and we're coming back for the next expansion. The roster is a little older then most and we like to think aging nicely but we have a nice balance of blending mythic raiding with a little laughter and friends.

That said we continue to build a community of high end players who are looking for their next challenge and group of great people to do it with. A point of emphasis is that we looking for you to contribute both in game and socially. Invest in the team and respect the players behind the keyboard and not only are the results better but you'll enjoy it here a lot more. We have found that a mix of respect, friendship and flat out crazy skill go a long way to sustained results. 
Raid Times: Farm Flex day mid week and progression Sun-Mon 8pm - 12am Pacific.  (2 day/wk required) We reserve the option to occasionally run a third day as necessary but assume a base schedule of Sun/Mon.  We are officially a weekend 2-day mythic team.

Our Goal: Top 10 mythic progression raiding team on Blackrock (and #1 2-Day team)

Guild News

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